What Is Striking Beauties

Striking Beauties Doesn’t Just Train Champions, We Make Them.

What started as a boxing gym has grown into a powerful community of women.

Striking Beauties is a women’s boxing gym focused on creating boxing and personal training classes that are engaging, innovative, and high-intensity. We foster an environment where women feel safe, comfortable, energized, and empowered.

As the leading boxing gym for women, we offer traditional and advanced boxing, kickboxing, sparring, boxing drills, and personal training for women of all skill and fitness levels. Our trainers and coaches are trailblazers in positivity, health, well-being, and fitness. We’ve created a community of women to push the boundaries in what a women’s boxing gym should and could be.  We offer  top-class equipment, progressive training modalities and facilities,  as well as expert trainers.

Striking Beauties Gym

Physically, boxing is a high-intensity workout that burns fat, builds and tones muscle, and increases endurance. Mentally, it sharpens cognitive skills and infuses you with an incredible sense of accomplishment, inner strength, and self-confidence that no other workout comes close to providing!

When we began, the distinct combination of a female-focused boxing gym offering workouts designed by a professional female boxer was a unique concept. We knew we were embarking upon uncharted territory and we were certain that our vision would alter a woman’s perception of boxing.

But something else happened, too. On its own, Striking Beauties transformed itself. Our boxing gym became a place where women encourage, challenge, and empower one another–where women can hold each other’s babies, and exchange business cards.

This is the part of our gym we never envisioned; it just emerged on its own. This community has become the defining characteristic of Striking Beauties.

Whether it is your first time in the gym or you are a professional athlete, Striking Beauties has boxing classes suitable for all levels. See you in the ring!

What started as a boxing gym has grown into
a powerful community of women.

What started as a boxing gym has grown into a powerful community of women. Unlike other women’s gyms, Striking Beauties takes a completely integrated approach to women’s wellness through an authentic & professionally vetted training curriculum delivered in our price-accessible, welcoming & supportive community studios where women get life-affirming results in & out of the gym.
Striking Beauties wants to prepare you for the fight of your life – both in and out of the ring. At our unique gym we provide each woman the opportunity to find her true self through fitness and boxing in a safe, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment.
Striking Beauties’s core values …
  • PURPOSE – Personal growth. Inner-strength. Mindfulness.
  • PASSION – Community. Social impact. Cause-based.
  • INTEGRITY – Honest. Ethical. Responsible.
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