Yeah, You Can Do This!

Let Us Help You Open and Operate
Your Striking Beauties Workout Franchise!

Strength in Numbers.

Be a Part of Something Bigger than Fitness.

Blow by Blow.
We are With You All the Way.

A boxer may be on her own in the ring, but she has a team of support behind her. That’s the way we run our franchise program as well. Join Striking Beauties to be in business for yourself, with an entire team behind you.

Here are some ways we support you.

  • Site Selection & Build-out Support. Can you picture an old garage turned into a gleaming boxing studio? We can. We know just what you’ll need to create a pretty but hardcore boxing gym, complete with a center ring. We’ll provide the guidance you need as you choose your location and create the distinctive Striking Beauties environment for your community.
  • Initial and Ongoing Training and Support. Setting up the space is just the first step; with well-established ties to the professional boxing community, we’ll make sure you and your instructors are well equipped to build your business and bring your members together for the boxing experience they are looking for, and the business experience you want.
  • Complete Business Documentation. You will have access to our confidential operations manual, a valuable tool for daily reference for day-to-day procedures, scheduling, reporting, marketing, and beyond. And, you will be able to leverage full-vetted business management tools for streamlined operations.
  • Marketing Support. We can help you develop exciting local campaigns and branded materials to establish and build the visibility of your studio within the community.

Franchise Boxing Women

This is an exciting concept, and we are an excited team! We can’t wait to guide you as you open and operate your own Striking Beauties workout franchise in your local area to serve and empower the women of your community


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