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Striking Beauties provides a boxing experience for all women, wrapped in a business model that is a great opportunity for even the most discerning business professionals. Our fitness concept is giving women what they want – a ring of their own! And now you can build a future of YOUR own, with a Striking Beauties fitness franchise studio.

An idea born from a champ who listened to the women in her circles, both locally and internationally. They all said the same thing: “Where can I box where I don’t feel out of place?” Founder and boxing afficionado Dena Paolino listened. She created a gorgeous, hardcore boxing gym, staffed it with boxing pros, provided high-intensity boxing workouts and other programs, and gave women a place to step into the ring.

Get ready to offer the women of your community a place to feel empowered, get fit, and hit the bag – and their challenges — hard. As a Striking Beauties fitness franchise owner, you will create a community of support, a team of leaders, and a class schedule that is as fun as it is challenging. Some of what you will offer includes a range of training programs developed with the help of real world champion professional boxers:

  • Intro to Boxing / Boxing 101
  • 12 Rounds
  • Boxing Drills
  • Advanced Boxing/Sparing
  • Traditional Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Tabata
  • Weight Training
  • Special Programs for kids and other members, including a Rock Steady® affiliation, an amazing training method designed to fight back against Parkinson’s disease

Benefits of a boxing workout: You can show your members how they can burn fat, build muscle tone, increase endurance, increase coordination, sharpen mental skills, build self-esteem.

Women Boxing

Powerful Women Boxing


Pink and black. Sleek and equipped. A boxing ring that anchors the space. A friendly, supportive vibe. Now picture it filled with women from your community bringing it to life.

Your 3,000 square foot (minimum) gym has the grit of a garage and the glam that makes it a studio for HER. We’ve done it – more than once – and can’t wait to show you how to bring this gem of a gym to your neighborhood.


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