A Heavyweight in the
Boutique Fitness Industry

Champion Your Future with an
Extraordinary Exercise Franchise Concept

Strength in Numbers.

Be a Part of Something Bigger than Fitness.

Empower. Enjoy.

You’ll do that and more with your own Striking Beauties boxing studio, without ever feeling like you are left on your own. Our exercise franchise model is waiting for the next franchise owner to prepare for the match of their lifetime and reap the rewards. We are in the business of strategy and can’t wait to show you why this might be the best decision you have ever made. We invite you to step into the ring with us and consider Striking Beauties as the next step in your professional career

Key market-driven reasons
to join us:

Why do women box? According to a report by WNYC News in NYC, boxing requires intense physical and psychological discipline and the ability to overcome fear and anger. And women aren’t expected to do it. That’s news to the 40% of co-ed boxing gym participants who are women.

  • 149,000 people participate in boxing once a month, a quarter are women. About 20,500 women box every week, compared with 156,300 who play football.
  • Boxing gyms make up a $1.3 billion market in the United States
  • 44% of people who have a boutique fitness studio membership belong to more than one gym to customize the workouts they want to have.

The bottom line is women want to box. This is an extremely advantageous time to join Striking Beauties and open your own exercise franchise. Give the women in your community a ring of their own, while you own a rewarding business based on helping your members get fit and happy.

CALL OUT : “The fact is, a woman’s inner strength makes this sport perfect for them. Women don’t crumble easy. They come back again and again.” – Gloria Peek, U.S. Women’s Boxing Coach, U.S. Olympic Team

Need More Reasons
to Join Us?

  • The rising demand for boxing in the fitness industry is undeniable.
  • We offer an established business model and exclusive classes and workouts, taught by boxers who have been in the ring at a professional or amateur level.
  • A protected territory where you can operate your business with confidence.
  • A solid, “striking” brand reputation that you can leverage in your local community.
  • Established equipment supplier relationships to get your studio up and running and keep running efficiently.
  • Multiple revenue streams to help build business: classes, events, memberships, and Striking Beauties branded merchandise.
  • The commitment of the String Beauties franchisor team to continually develop and improve this innovative business model.

Contact us today to learn more about bringing a boxing studio to your community that is exclusively for women!

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