Founder & CEO Dena Paolino
Founder and CEO of Striking Beauties:

Dena Paolino

Dena Paolino, the founder and CEO of Striking Beauties, is an innovative, creative, and motivational force. A mom to three awesome kids, attorney, motivator and undefeated amateur boxer (ok, ok she had one fight – but she won!!), Dena came up with a concept that is a knockout on every level.

After graduating Suffolk Law School in 1991, Dena served a year as a clerk for the R.I. Superior Court. Looking for a workout to release stress, Dena stumbled across an old-time boxing gym in Providence. While she didn’t love the male-dominated atmosphere, she fell in love with the workout. Dena realized more women should experience boxing but in their own, female-friendly environment. She wrote down her ideas for a women’s boxing gym:

  • A space that is comfortable and appealing to women.
  • Where the minute she walks into a Striking Beauties’ gym she is instantly at ease and at home.
  • Where there’s camaraderie between the members, not pettiness or competition.
  • Where the classes are easily-understandable and tailor-made by women for women.
  • Where the workouts are authentic, created by a professional female boxer.

Over the years, Dena realized that there were many other women who loved boxing and took it seriously. These women experienced the empowerment and exhilaration that Dena had, but could not find a boxing gym of their own. These women wanted to know where they could get an authentic fighter’s workout, and not merely cardio-box or aerobic-style classes, and not be the only girl in the gym.

Dena Paolino

In 2009, with no business experience or investor funds, Dena took her concept from paper to practice and opened the first Striking Beauties boxing gym. It was a huge step in the empowerment of women, those that were serious and passionate about boxing, others who knew they just needed something to instill confidence in themselves. But it soon became apparent, this was not a typical boxing gym. The opening of Striking Beauties was in essence the birth of a revolutionary fitness brand for women.

Over the years Dena worked hard to evolve and enrich the environment she envisioned, achieving another milestone in 2012 by becoming the only women’s boxing gym franchise, a testament to Dena’s commitment, passion, and business acumen. She is also extremely proud of her nonprofit The Striking Beauties & Beasts Project, Inc., a 501(c)(3) designed to improve lives of those with physical and mental health conditions through boxing.

Today, the Striking Beauties team has grown to include some of the biggest and best names in boxing. Christy Martin, Jackie Kallen “The First Lady of Boxing” and Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns have all joined the cause and together this invincible team will elevate STRIKING BEAUTIES to the next level.

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