About Us

Welcome to STRIKING BEAUTIES…the Original 24/7 boxing gym for women*!

 Established in 2009 as the only womenʼs boxing gym in New England, STRIKING BEAUTIES was created to make boxing more accessible to women and women more comfortable with boxing.

Widely-recognized as one of the most physically rigorous sports in the world, boxers are considered the most well-conditioned athletes.

With its 3-minute rounds of intense activity, and only a short 60-second rest between rounds, it is essential that a boxer have excellent aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

But thatʼs only part of it.

The sport of boxing obviously demands both upper and lower body muscular strength. However, with the majority of power emanating from your center, legs and hips, the greatest emphasis is placed on core strengthening.

Speed, power, stamina, endurance, agility, hand-eye coordination, alertness and mental fortitude are equally inherent to boxing.

To develop and refine each of these skills, a boxerʼs training program cannot be restricted to just boxing. Rather, it must include assorted workouts, each emphasizing a specific ability.

The STRIKING BEAUTIESʼ BOXING PROGRAM was designed to do just that! Our unique and original program is comprised of classes, private instruction, open sparring and specialty workshops, each specifically chosen and/or created to develop and strengthen one or more of the indispensable talents which a boxer must master.

A grueling workout, training like a boxer -whether just for fitness or with thoughts of getting in the ring - will undoubtedly get you into the best shape of your life!

But boxing offers benefits beyond a well-toned body. The intense training will undoubtedly improve your determination, focus, patience and self-confidence. You will walk out of each class or private training feeling empowered, confidant and relaxed.

Most importantly, you will have FUN while doing it! Never routine or boring, boxing will become an integral part of your life that will be with you forever!

Read the Letter From the Founder, Dena Paolino

*Men are welcome too!